Bosnia & Herzegovina: Things to see & Places to visit

Among Europe’s less-visited states, the former-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a treasure trove of architectural and natural beauty. In the event you have got enough time to visit it and to go around the country, there are many highlights to find and places you shouldn’t miss.

Bridge-jump in Mostar Forget bungee jumping.

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This one of bridge jumping is a tradition dating back long before the 1990s war which found the bridge blasted to rubble. The bridge was painstakingly reconstructed in 2004, recreating the swooping rock arch of the 1567 first. Each July there is a bridge-diving contest. At other times, professional jumpers is only going to perform once their touts have accumulated adequate picture cash from passing tourists. Some visitors even attempt it for themselves, paying 25 Euros (approximately!) for guidance as well as a training jump from a lowered stage on the river bank. However that does not mean it is safe – travellers have perished in the effort. Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, has a delightful Ottoman-age center ringed by neo-Moorish Austro-Hungarian buildings, all place deep inside a mountain valley blushing with red-tiled roofs and scattered with minarets. It is a photogenic, friendly city. Yet most visitors understand its name for just two causes. And both are related to war. That is the Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince, needless to say, not the Scottish rockers. His departure demonstrated the fuse that ignited WWI. Another battle, Bosnia’s dirty 1990s civil war, ended 20 years past. Now, a part of the tunnel, combined with the battle scarred house where the entry was concealed, forms the unmissable Tunnel Museum. Extreme summer sun beats down to the dry mountains of Hercegovina around the enchanting towns of Trebinje and Mostar. And that sun carries BiH’s classic yet little-known grape varieties with winemaking possibility. For dry, though fruit-filled whites attempt a ivalka. Meanwhile blatina and vranac make reds which can be velvety and sophisticated. In the event that you are driving around Hercegovina, follow the brownish Vinska Cesta ( signals that dot the countryside to identify an entire number of wineries. That is much less than by the bottle and ensures that you are drinking a truly local drop.

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