Bosnia & Herzegovina: Things to see & Places to visit

Among Europe’s less-visited states, the former-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a treasure trove of architectural and natural beauty. In the event you have got enough time to visit it and to go around the country, there are many highlights to find and places you shouldn’t miss.

Did you know you could ski too?

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From the airplane and onto the piste in a hour? Very few resorts could offer you that. But being under 30km from Sarajevo’s streamlined airport, Bjelanica is one location where you just might manage it. The little resort is barely glitzy, but two of its own three resorts are really new and trend-conscious, as well as the slopes are of international quality. Now there is the additional interest of floodlit night skiing (6pm–9pm). And in summer, the place of mountain hamlets tucked behind Bjelanica supplies a whole gamut of quest possibilities on foot, mountain bike or quad.

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