Bosnia & Herzegovina: Things to see & Places to visit

Among Europe’s less-visited states, the former-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a treasure trove of architectural and natural beauty. In the event you have got enough time to visit it and to go around the country, there are many highlights to find and places you shouldn’t miss.

Coffee is no joke in Bosnia!

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‘Any time Bosnians wish to discuss something, they will head for the closest cafe,’ says Asem, a local guide. ‘Coffee is simply the setting for dialogue. But I do not ever worry that it might be poor.’ Really, wherever you go in Bosnia, it will look extremely difficult to locate a poor brew. Many Bosnians today select an Italian-style espresso, however a suitable Bosnian java is some thing exceptional. It comes in a person, long neck copper pot called a dezva. Flavour-wise it is just like Turkish – served mud-thick in thimble-sized cups, generally using a block of lokum (Turkish delight) – but unlike Turkish coffee, the reasons are brought to the boil repeatedly to make an appropriate crema. And thanks to the dezva those reasons stay from the cup… as long as you wait. ‘Coffee additionally teaches you patience!’ Where it’s lived or been painstakingly reconstructed, Bosnia’s architectural tradition is a fascinating interaction of medieval Ottoman and later Central European designs.

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