Bosnia & Herzegovina: Things to see & Places to visit

Among Europe’s less-visited states, the former-Yugoslavian state of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a treasure trove of architectural and natural beauty. In the event you have got enough time to visit it and to go around the country, there are many highlights to find and places you shouldn’t miss.

Do you know where the world’s largest pyramid is?

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Is all of traditionally educated prehistory incorrect? Their principal claim is the hills encircling the otherwise forgettable leather-tanning town of Visoko, are in fact, the planet ’s largest pyramids. The primary ‘pyramid’ is even thought to have energy ray emanating from its apex. And beneath town is a maze of tunnels they promise to be well over 10,000 years old. Volunteers are active digging out these tunnels, showing rune stones, ‘energy stone’ and water promised to have specific ‘joyful’ properties. Whatever you would possibly think of the claims, that have been widely discredited by mainstream archaeologists, it is definitely interested to delve to the maze or just drop from the foundation’s Sarajevo office-store for many mind bending dialogue.

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