Seven Things You Don’t Know About Bosnia

Bosnia Herzegovina is both geographically and culturally distant from most of the places you will ever visit. Thus, as one would expect, there are quite several notable differences that could trip up any unsuspecting novices planning on spending some time in this amazing country.

1- Coffee is everything

In countries like the United States, going out for coffee is a fast and simple job. In Bosnia Herzegovina, however, this is a whole different story.

When Bosnians feel like having a good cup of coffee, they do not care where they cease; though they may have a favourite spot or a favourite beverage, it isn’t always a priority.

Going for a hot cup is considered to be societal time for Bosnians, and you’re going to seldom see a man sitting by themselves in a cafe.

When most Western foreigners first arrive in Bosnia, it might be a tiny challenge fixing to sitting down for coffee for such a long time, but shortly they will discover themselves boasting the quantity of hours they have sat in those cafe seats, conversing or working on little jobs.

Coffee in Bosnia is a very serious thing, hence coffee time is not something that goes away too quickly. It is an excellent portion of Bosnian life which makes you really come to value the state and culture, along with simply take a seat and revel in the organization around you.

2- Public Transportation

Public transportation would not look like an obvious ethnic difference to the naked eye. In other places, it is about personal space; do not touch anyone else, keep your possessions with you at all times, and only mind your own company. In certain ways, Bosnia is something quite…different.

Bodies are pressed from the windows of transportation vehicles and windows are opened to give folks atmosphere, as the driver enables passengers to squeeze off and on.

Lots of people don’t possess automobiles in Bosnia, so public transportation is the essential means to avoid town for many.

3- Illness

Being ill in Bosnia is an entirely new experience. Instead of just taking an ibuprofen and drinking tea, there exists an entire long listing of treatments to treat your sickness, and undoubtedly a very long record of causes.

You leave the window open, you will catch the draft. Sitting on concrete as a lady is a large no no as it will freeze your ovaries and also you will not be able to have kids.

Having pains while you are pregnant? Cut up onions and put them in your back. Perhaps you got just a little cold as you forgot to wear socks, and that means you ought to make tea and make use of the tea bags by putting them on your eyes.

Bosnian moms will baby you until you are certain you’re better, but take every precaution to ensure that your health remains on top of its own game.

3- Gender Roles

Bosnia is very conventional in regards to gender roles. In Western societies, feminism is a sizable movement, striving to show that girls go in some specific parts the same as guys.

While girls work in a variety of areas in Bosnia, in home life, it is fairly distinguished. Gender roles in sports are absolutely segregated.

There are a lot of sports open to men, including the country’s most widely used sport football, and sometimes even swimming and skating also. But joining sports for girls is a lot tougher and there’s less to select from.

Actually, a girl just going into a fitness center sometimes appears as unusual and will certainly induce unusual appearances.

4- Stray Animals

Subsequent to the Bosnian War, houses were destroyed and left in disarray and pets were a part of the chaotic mess that has been left standing.

Because of the truth that a lot of the creatures were formerly possessed and raised as pets, they may be generally type and do not worry strangers without being harassed.

In the event you choose to pet the dogs or cats, you should make sure to clean your hands after; you will observe that virtually any creature is apparently in search of some love!

Generally, Bosnians tend to be more competitive towards creatures, shooing them away or kicking them should they get too close.

Bosnian girls occasionally chase them away with sweepers and guys frequently simply hit the dogs whenever they’re being bothersome.

Be extra conscious of dogs in the wintertime when food is tough to find, but almost all of the time stray creatures stay type and apathetic.

5- Eating

Eating in Bosnia Herzegovina is a treat. Being a big eater is some thing you Won’t ever need to be embarrassed of, instead you are going to quickly take pride inside it.

In the event you eat all you’re served when visiting someone else’s house, the host will automatically serve you more food, considering you continue to be starving.

To avert this, leave a morsel or two in your plate, since in the event you say “Nisam gladna!” (the local translation of “I am not starving”) they just will not believe it.

Every social event features food, whether a conventional dish, like burek, cevapi, musaka, or pita, or only desserts.

Coffee joins this party rule also. Always remember: coffee and food is likely to be served to you personally, regardless of if you’re thirsty or hungry.

6- Walking

Although public transportation is a simple and attainable substitute for avoid, more frequently than not, Bosnian folks walk.

Occasionally public transportation could be undependable, if hue public transport company goes on strike or the conveyance is just off program, walking is the top way to be certain it is possible to get from one location to another on time.

Walking is also the right approach to see the greatest places in Bosnia too!

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